Research Background

My research interests are in combing evolutionary theory and genomics to investigate genetic mechanisms underlying disease.

Graduating with a first class honours degree in Genetics and Cell Biology at Dublin City University, Ireland, I worked at UPENN for a year as a research technician in the Institute of Translational Medicine.

Following award of my IRCSET scholarship I began investigation of molecular adaptations in genes associated with aging and disease in placental mammals. I used heterogeneous models to identify the earliest diverging placental mammal as the ancestor to Afrotherians (e.g. Elephants and Manatees) and Xenartha (e.g. Armadillos and Sloths).

With a strong foundation in evolution and computational biology, I moved to Imperial College London to become expert in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis. Here as a postdoctor researcher I combine evolutionary theory and genomics to pinpoint mutations in humans that give rise to disease such as diabetes and heart disease.